1. CHECK TO SEE IF OUR PARTY + BALLOON SHOP HAS WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!  If so, order and then start partying as soon as you receive it in the mail! (Please allow 5-10 days to receive, depending on your order. We'll contact to you discuss timeline! ) 

2. IF YOU WOULD LIKE US TO CREATE SOMETHING SPECIAL + UNIQUE + CUSTOM, please email us at with some specific information so we can help you out: 

- Event Description, Event Location, Preference of Shipping or In-Person Delivery

- Colors, Theme, Style of Event

- Balloon Color + Frill Quantity + Frill Length  

  1. 4 ft frill for $75 (comes with one balloon to match)
  2. 7 ft frill for $125 (comes with one balloon to match)
  3. 10 ft frill for $175 (comes with one balloon to match)

3. EMAIL US at HELLO@GERONIMOBALLOONS.COM and we'll get back to you as soon as we can answers to your questions, a quote and some ideas to make your event really special!


  • Order minimum for Custom Designs Orders is $400 USD. 
  • Unless purchased through our web shop, our balloons are custom made for each order in our workshop in Echo Park, Los Angeles. We don't keep anything "in stock" as everything is one of a kind. 
  • Decorative Frill is packed flat for shipping, with balloon, clips, cord and instructions. 
  • All colors are chosen to match your party and event. Please share with us your event themes, colors and images for inspiration.
  • All balloons are huge! 36 inches wide, requiring 14 cubic feet of helium. (That's the equivalent to almost 30 "regular" size balloons.) 
  • You can likely get balloons inflated at floral, party + grocery stores, but purchasing a disposable helium tank at a party store or on Amazon ( see here ), is a very convenient and cost efficient. (1 Large disposable tank can fill two Geronimo balloons.)
  • If you plan to transport the balloon, please make sure your vehicle is large enough to safely drive with it.
  • Domestic + International orders are only couriered via FedEx. 
  • We can deliver and style in person, with delivery in Los Angeles. 
    • Delivery in LA starts at $75 for weekdays
    • We have a weekend order minimum as we reserve our deliveries for weddings + special events. 
  • Replacement balloons can be purchased from our web store for $10, and are highly recommended so you are able to re-use the frill over and over again! (Balloons are single-use.)
  • We are available for private events, including original concept and design as well as styling, staffing, and installation for your special party! 
  • For children's parties, we offer a craft and interactive "balloon bar" tailored to your guests and party theme.